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Megumi Japanese Chin
There is no perfect dog as there is no perfect human being. Our goal in health testing our Japanese Chin is not to try to produce a perfect dog but to try to eliminate as many genetic health issues as possible. We share with you the testing we perform on our Japanese Chin in the hopes that as you look for a Chin puppy or as you breed Japanese Chin, you will be informed and can make wise choices for dogs.
Patellas (which are the knee caps) are checked at 6 months of age and at one year of age by our Veterinarian and graded on a scale of 1-4. We breed only dogs with normal -grade 1 patellas.  This test is important because a dog with Luxating Patellas can become lame as they age. The score is only registered once typically as the goal is to see if the Patellas are weak as young dog indicating an inherited trait.
Gangliosidosis (GM2) is a life threatening genetic disease caused by a deficiency of an enzyme that is critical to normal brain function. It is a DNA test, performed once and registered once. To read more about this disease click the link below.
Cardiac Disease covers a variety of issues which effect the heart and the longevity of the dog. Puppies should be checked at birth and subsequent visits to the Veterinarian and adults dogs should be checked annually for heart murmurs which lead to further heart issues. Ideally, a dog with a heart murmur should not be used for breeding.  For more information
Eye Disease Early onset or juvenile cataracts are of main concern due to early blindness. However at this point the heritability of most eye diseases is currently being researched. Eyes do need to be checked regularly, annually is recommended.
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